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Shopping Guide

Institu tions

You can contact Wiegand sales person by call, fax, or email etc. But to avoid mistakes, all quotations only valid when it is presented to you on written forms, for example, by emails or fax. This is just to make sure no any costs will be caused to you because of oral quotation misunderstandings.
No Bribe
Wiegand implements strict NO BRIBE rules. We refuse all kinds of kickback requests.

Order Form Download

To make sure everything ' s correct for your order, we suggest you to release us your order in written form, for example, by email or fax. Don ' t release your order by oral. And we have standard order form if you need.
If any order changes, please inform us immediatly.

Our target customer: Distributor;
Project Contractor; System Integrator;

We don't sell directly to end users!

Wiegand's position: a professional access control manufacture. We only sell to distributors or wholesalers and don ' t sell to end users. We prefer to concentrate on product design, development, production improvements and to assist and urge our distributors to provide good service to end users.

If any end user requests we receive, we ' ll suggest the end user to contact with the local distributors, meanwhile, Wiegand sales person will send the end user's request details to the local distributor and assist the local distributor to handle the deal.

If end user has any complaint on our distributors, end user can contact with Wiegand sales person. Wiegand sales person will assist you to communicate with the distributor and solve the problem.
Lead Time
We can deliver the goods to you from stock if order amount to be less than USD30,000. But to make sure you can get the goods on time, we suggest you releasing us your order 3-5 days prior the shipment if order amount to be more than USD5,000 and 2 weeks prior the shipment if order amount to be more than USD30,000.
No lead time, if order amount to be less than USD5,000.
Payment Terms

T/T in advance, cash payment and L/C etc are acceptable. We release the goods only when the payment located in our bank accounts.

We do ex-work price, you can name a forwarder or ask Wiegand to help you to find a forwarder, but freight charge will be in your bill.
Considering the remote distance, it is not convenient for you to return back the products to China for maintenance, so for every order we offer 1% of your total order amount as warranty, you can choose which model you want as the 1% warranty products, but this 1% will not be exchanged to cash to you or deducted from your payment if you don't need warranty products. But if any tech support you need from Wiegand, please feel free to contact us, Wiegand team will spare no efforts to assit you to solve the problem.
No customization service

We welcome customers tell us their needs and requests, and we value these informations, because these informations can lead us to perfect our products ,but we don ' t offer customization service even the customer pays, because we cann't ensure the stability and compatibility of the products if without long time trial in the market. While if your suggestions are common among our customers, or if Wiegand evaluated out that the tendency of access control products will be lead to that way, we will consider to include your suggestion into our next development plan. Also there is chance that Wiegand has already developed the function or products you suggested, but just didn't put into market, in this case, if customer request we will consider to put the new products into market advance than what we scheduled.

Wiegand will refuse such requests as non-standard packing and collocation change ( for example, change to collocate another kind of power line) because Wiegand belives only when the products the customer received today is the same with the products

the customer received tomorrow the quality and stability of the products can be enssured. We don ' t think it is a good way to change the packing or the collocation frequently. That's why we can improve our products a lot.

If you are not satisfied with the service of our sales person and our distributors, you can complain to us, we'll try best to help you.

MSN: wiegandchina@hotmail.com


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