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Q1. Who is gonna Wiegand's customer?
Answer: Security and access control products' distributors, project contractors, system integrators.

Q2. What's Wiegand's position?
Answer: Access control system development and manufacture. Products position on mid-level market and radiate to high and low level market with high cost performance.

Q3. What's Wiegand products' features and advantages?
Answer: Our advantages: easy to install, easy to use, easy to upgrade, high stability and compatibility. You may find we don't have a lot of models, but all these models are Wiegand's elite of 10 years experience in this industry.

Q4. Can your software be translated into our local language? You know I have many customers who don't speak English.
Answer: For the time being we only have English and Chinese version. In future our software may be translated to other languages. We'll consider to include this into our next development plan.

1. Access database sharing.      Download

2. How to connect biometric device to controller.      Download

3. How to make OEM software.      Download

4. operation.     Download

5. SQL server database sharing.     Download

6. TCPIP Access Control internet setting.      Download

7. How to make the software use SQL Database      Download


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